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I’m back, baby, I am back! Quite the HS football season, but now it is time to blog a little Brewer Blog. This should be quite the offseason for Melvin and the Brewers. The recent JJ Hardy trade cleared a little more than $14 million dollars off the book, gave us a Legitimate Defensive CF to replace an aging Mike Cameron, and the hope for a Starting rotation that doesn’t serve up the Home Runs like a buffet serving up Mangino.

First and foremost, thank you JJ Hardy for being one of the classiest Brewers to ever wear a uniform. 99% of MLB players and agents would have thrown an infantile tirade about his demotion 1 day shy of getting an extra year of service. He lost one year on his chance to cash in for the big bucks. We salute JJ on his class and honor. On the field, his effort and attitude were second to none. The guy was known as a defensive player, but still had some monster hits in his career and quite frankly was the blue collar type player that Milwaukee covets. That being said, it was time for him to move on as Escobar looks like the real deal. Speed is one of the toughest things to defend on a baseball diamond and the kid Escobar has tons of it. He will not hit for Power like JJ but will certainly get on base and cause some havoc while increasing our range at SS. We have dramatically increased our speed up the middle.

As for the new found $. What pitchers will we spend it on. Here are my hopes and wishes. First of all, Edwin Jackson from Detroit has always been on my wish list. Four years ago, the Brewers had talks with the Dodgers that included Matt Kemp and Edwin Jackson…Dude, could you imagine that. What kind of package would we have to entertain for Jackson is the question. Detroit has plenty of ML starters…we have none…so we should be a great match up for a trade. Is Matt Gamel worthy of this trade. I say, whole heartedly, YES!! Jackson is only 26 years old and has improved every year in the Majors.

Pitching Statistics
Career: Batting | Pitching | Fielding
2003 LA 4 3 0 0 22.0 17 6 6 2 11 19 2 1 0 0 2.46
2004 LA 8 5 0 0 24.2 31 20 20 7 11 16 2 1 0 0 7.30
2005 LA 7 6 0 0 28.2 31 22 20 2 17 13 2 2 0 0 6.28
2006 TB 23 1 0 0 36.1 42 27 22 2 25 27 0 0 0 0 5.45
2007 TB 32 31 1 1 161.0 195 116 103 19 88 128 5 15 0 0 5.76
2008 TB 32 31 0 0 183.1 199 91 90 23 77 108 14 11 0 0 1 4.42
2009 Det 33 33 1 0 214.0 200 93 86 27 70 161 13 9 0 0 3.62
Total 139 110 2 1 670.0 715 375 347 82 299 472 38 39 0 0 1 4.66

You put Gallardo and Jackson at the front of your rotation….we are now back in the wild card race.

 We are not done yet, however. I would really like to see add two more pitchers. First of all, Mark Mulder, John Smoltz, or Bartolo Colon. They are all veterans of big games and none of them will cost a whole lot. Mulder is the favorite as he has a relationship with new pitching coach Rick Peterson, but the Brewers have nothing to lose on any of these guys.

Finally, I would like them to add one mid-level free agent. I hope to God it is not Doug Davis. I just fell asleep thinking about it. Hell no! John Garland, Jarrod Washburn, Joel Piniero, or even Carl Pavano.

These moves would really clean up the rotation and give us the needed shot in the arm to possible keep Prince around for a few more years.

While we are at it, why don’t we offer Prince the $100 million for 5 years???

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All Brewers…All the Time– PRINCE

Finally, I can rant about the Beloved Brew Crew to thousands(well hundreds) rather than 2. Go ROTQ.
First of all, I would like to say that I enjoy every single second watching Prince Fielder. He is a top 3 everyday Brewer of all-time. According to Melvin, we get to enjoy Prince in the middle of the lineup for a minimum of 2 more years. Which means we have a 37.7% chance that he is traded by December 15th. Let’s hope that this tremendous middle of the lineup of Braun and Fielder for the next two years will be given the opportunity to make a legitimate pennant run. This of course will done with some pitching. PLEASE MELVIN give us a shot. Not to mention the fact, that the only way we will keep Prince around is if we are winning. Very competitive young man. My wish list includes a #1…ie Matt Cain, Dan Haren, Felix Hernandes and a solid #3…ie Jonathan Sanchez, Brian Bannister. I also wouln’t mind a shot at maybe 3 oldies but possibilities…Ian Snell, Carl Pavano etc, with the hope that they will turn into a Piniero/Carpenter.
Go Brew Crew

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