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Brewer update

Our Brewer editor has been awol since, well…a long time.  So we’ll add a few tidbits.

While it is unlikely to happen, should Mark Attanasio fire Doug Melvin, he won’t have to worry about writing a speech at the press conference.  He can just borrow the one Tom Hicks, owner of the Texas Rangers used after he fired Melvin after seven years.  I quote:

Doug Melvin built three division championship teams as general manager of the Texas Rangers, but he was unable to develop enough good young pitching for owner Tom Hicks. That cost Melvin his job when Hicks fired him Sunday after seven years.

One only need look at the recent draft selection of Eric Arnett (and Evan Frederickson and Seth Lintz, etc…) as cases in point.

On a side note: when you consider the qualities of effective leaders…does Ken Macha have any of them?

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