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Giddy about Jennings

What can you say about the kid. 55, that is right, 55. One month ago the Bucks appeared to be headed to a 25- 57 season with Coach Scott Skiles milking those 25 wins out w/ good defense and decent rebounding. TODAY all has changed in the great city of Milwaukee.

At the time of the 2009 Draft, I really believed that this was a good pick and he was by far the best player available at #9. Thank you, Knicks!! However, I never would have thought that Brandon Jennings would be this exciting and “GOOD”. It was hard not to be synical with the past five years of complete ineptitude in Milwaukee.

Holy Crap! This guy can play. Jennings is one of those rare lottery picks that has come into the league without a posse, a Billion dollar shoe deal, or a prison record. I read that he would actually text assistant coach, Kelvim Sampson to meet him at the gym at 11PM so he could get in 300 shots before bed and that Sampson would be at his beckon call pretty much 24-7. WOW!! How many times do you think Joe Alexander has done this. Nevermind, Joe probably hurt his thumb in the middle of the text.

Jennings cannot maintain his current level of play. He is shooting over 50% from 3 point range. He will not finish at that level, but that is not the key to his play thus far. It is his raw energy, ability to play off of his teammates, play with confidence and be a floor leader at 20. Not since the days of Big Dog, Ray Allen, and Cassell have we been able to get excited about a Bucks game day. What will “the kid” do next? Kind of reminds you of what it might have been like in Chicago in 1984.

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