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Packers @ Bears Preview

Are the Bears for real, or just decoys???

Let’s be honest.  The NFC North was supposed to be a two horse race between the Packers and Vikings.  It still might turn out that way, but right now, the Bears have crashed the party.  In fact, they may be imposters, or even decoys.  I think they’re GLG-20s.  Spies, Like Us.  So without further ado, the Monday Night preview, Akroyd and Chase style.




Keys to the Game

“You may begin…now!” – Remember the Foreign Service Board Exams?  Millbarge and Fitz-Hume need to pass to move up the ladder.  Well, welcome to the big stage Mr. Bulaga.  Your exam is against Julius Peppers.  We don’t care how you pass this exam Monday, just pass it.  Protecting Rodgers is the vital cog in the Packers’ offensive wheel.  The Packers are going to have to give Bulaga some help, much like Akroyd assists Chase in this classic scene.

“For every wrong answer, I cut off a finger.” – Green Bay needs to take care of the rock Monday night.  The Bears defense used to feast off of turnovers and every one Monday would be like cutting off a finger.  You can include penalties in this mix as well.  Eight penalties in two games is a good start.  Keep it going under pressure.

“Yeah, I found it in a box of Lucky Charms.” – I can imagine Mike Martz putting Jay Cutler in the basement under Soldier Field all summer trying to figure out Martz’s complex offense.  “Break it down again with the machines!”  Penalties and turnovers should have cost the Bears a win in week one, but Cutler is currently the top-rated quarterback in the NFL.  Cutler is historically prone to the turnover and there’s been none better getting takeaways than the Packers over the last 18 games.

“Stop right there and I’ll bring back the sun.” – The Packers are on the road on Monday night against a division rival.  How the Packers respond in the first quarter is vitally important.  A strong gameplan, executed, will take care of the upstart Bears.  I hope the Packers respond better than Millbarge and Fitz-Hume!


PREDICTION- Green Bay 24, Chicago 20


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  1. I agree with a lot of the GB-CHI preview. I would say that GB needs to definitely start out fast, put up a touchdown or two, getting one on a short field, maybe off of an Orton INT. We all know that GB isn’t going to be generating a lot of offense on the ground. BJack looked shaky last week, anf I don’t think anyone thinks we can give the ball to John Kuhn 15-20x and expect greatness. Nope, it’ll come down to:
    – Bulaga & CO giving ARod time to scan his reads
    – Receivers catching the ball cleanly (Dallas gave CHI two INTs on deflections last week)
    – Our defense getting “quick pressure” on Orton, (he seemed to be running a lot of 3-5 step drops last week @ DAL)
    – GB winning the turnover battle.

    Comment by Jeremy | September 23, 2010 | Reply

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