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It was stated earlier this week in the Packer-Bills Preview…don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.  With all due respect to the anemic Bills offense, that analogy is so far over the gap between the UW coverage teams and the ASU return teams it isn’t even funny.  So we’ll just use a visual analogy.  On the left is the UW coverage teams (not Clint Eastwood–great actor, great movie…) on the right is the lovely star of Modern Family, representing the ASU return units.  This almost cost the game and potentially a BCS berth.

Clyde, who was brilliant in this film...unfortunately is being dragged through the mud on this day.

Sofia Veraga representing the ASU return units.

I also have a few questions I need answered in the coming weeks about this football team:

1.  Why is it that UW is one of the rare teams in the big ten without a special teams coach?

2.  Why is it that John Clay can play one play at a time before he needs a 20 minute break?

3.  Where is the leadership along this OL?

4.  Why does Kyle Jefferson get reps?  I’m sorry but watching him short arm every pass across the middle is understandable after that near decaptitation 2 years ago, but he is no longer an option as a result.

Nehemiah Warrick nearly removes Kyle Jefferson's head 2 seasons ago.

5.  Why does Isaac Anderson catch the ball and stop running so often?

6.  How different will this defense look after losing Borland?  How long will he be out?

7.  How good is Lance Kendricks?

8.  When will this team tackle like a big ten team?

9.  Can Louis Nzegwu build off his fine performance?

10.  Can I get tickets to tO$U game?


September 20, 2010 - Posted by | Badgers

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