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Packers @ Eagles Preview

I think Taft was the Packers' OC in 1924

You know how they say being the President of the United States ages you?  Just look at the pictures.  Clinton, W and Obama look like death warmed over compared to their inauguration picture.  What does becoming a head coach do to you?  I say lots of weight.  Jon Gruden is basically the only former Packer coach to escape the bulge.  Mike Sherman’s ass took up half my big-screen television.  Mike McCarthy finally went on a diet, and Mike Holmgren birthed Andy Reid.  Seriously, Andy Reid is Holmgren’s son.  They spend their off-seasons hunting for fish in the Arctic Ocean preparing their blubber for winter.  I laugh every time I see Andy Reid.  Can’t wait for Sunday.  One quick question- Did William Howard Taft ever coach for the Pack? 


 1) The Great Unknown- We have many questions about our defense.  I know, most of the guys are back from last year, but there are new faces who are stepping into high pressure roles.  We have some amazing players, but they haven’t really practiced until this week.  Their first hits will be Sunday.  Their first full speed action will be Sunday.  Like I said in my season preview, the starting 11 have not played a snap together yet.  We’ll see what happens.  Note to Clay Matthews: You are not Pat Listach, you are not Pat Listach.

Year Two for the Blond Bomber

2) The Great Known- Our special teams are awful.  Just find a way to contain DeSean Jackson.  PLEASE?  Keep Kolb and the Eagles from starting on our half and make them go 80-90 yds to score.

 3) Is the offense really this good?  The first team played the equivalent of four quarters this preseason.  They scored 7 touchdowns.  That’s sick.  IMO, the offense clicking in the preseason means as much as the defense not playing together.  I sense a huge game for Rodgers and the O. 

DeSean Jackson- Scariest talent on the field

4) Andy Reid- This is not a typo.  Reid and his staff have had 5+ months to figure out an offense minus Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook.  They showed the vanilla package in the preseason.  Our ability to figure out what the Eagles are trying to accomplish with Kolb, McCoy, Jackson and Maclin will go a long way.  The problem is the last three names are “to the house” talents.  Very scary.

 Prediction- GREEN BAY 33, Philadelphia 23


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