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Playoff Update- Week 14

Back to back in Arizona???

Looking good for Green Bay at this point.  The NFC East teams are destroying each other, and Atlanta and San Francisco should be eliminated this week. The Packers are in with a win and Dallas loss or a win and Giants loss/tie.  With the Cowboys playing @New Orleans Saturday night, the Packers could have it all in front of them before they kickoff in the Steel City.

NFC East-  PHI 9-4 (SF, DEN, @DAL) Projection 11-5

Dallas 8-5 (@NO, @WAS, PHI)  Projection 9-7

NYG 7-6 (@WAS, CAR, @MIN) Projection 8-8

NFC North- GB 9-4 (@PITT, SEA, @AZ) Projection 11-5 

NFC South- Atlanta 6-7 (@NYJ, BUF, @TB) Projection 8-8

NFC West-   SF 6-7 (@PHI, DET, @STL) Projection 8-8


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