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Packers vs Ravens Postgame

One of the penalties on Williams. Looks clean to me!

Was that the worst officiated game in NFL history?  Granted, you had two of the most aggressive defensive backfields in the game today going at it, but that was ridiculous.  Some were legit, but the two on Williams in the end zone should lead to a suspension for the officials who made the calls.  Without those two calls, the Ravens don’t score.  Huge statement game for the Packers.  They were even getting props from Vikings fans on the message boards.  WOW.  Let’s look at how my keys to the game stacked up…

1) Contain Ray Rice.  A dominant win in this category.  He had 33 yds on the ground going into the last drive and only 17 yds receiving.  Toughest running back they will have to face until the 2nd round of the playoffs.

Derrick Mason- Meet the Defensive POY

2) Woodson on Mason.  Good Lord.  6 targets.  2 catches for 13 yds.  Give him the award now.  On a related note, Tramon Williams is becoming a STUD.  He was locked up on Clayton, who had 1 catch on 7 targets. 

3) Run the ball.  Team-wise, not bad.  Ryan Grant’s stats were terrible.  I don’t understand McCarthy’s fascination with the stretch play.  Grant is not a stretch runner, he’s a between the tackles, lower the shoulder runner.  His longest runs were between the tackles.  I put most of the blame on McCarthy…and the Ravens D.

Nick Collins- One of three picks for the D

4) Take care of the ball.  We came out on the positive side of this stat, but 3 turnovers is unacceptable.  The first Rodgers pick was a Favre.  Don’t mind it on 3rd down, but that pick was on 1st down.  Thankfully, our D stepped up. 

A couple of other observations…

1) At the game Monday, I told my brother-in-law after the 2nd Finley TD, “This is usually the time we give up a huge KO return.”  As it was happening, he turned and just stared at me.  What can I say, except, if I can call it, Slocum needs to go.

2) One of the staples of our offense is the quick slant.  Over the last few weeks, Rodgers has been terrible on this pass.  He’s behind, low, ahead; everything but in stride.  This needs to get fixed.  He missed some big plays Monday.

3) I have a man crush on Clay Matthews.  The guy just makes plays.  6 tackles, 2 sacks and a forced fumble Monday night.

Finley is the real deal!

4) Is Finley the next Gates, the next Gonzalez?  I say YES!

5) Red Zone continues to be a struggle.  6 drives, only 3 touchdowns.

6) Anyone on the face of the earth have the slightest bit of confidence in Mason Crosby right now?  You can’t even watch at this point.

7) Play of the game- 24-14, 9:46 left in the 4th.  Woodson’s tackle on McGahee on 1st and goal at the 1.  He had NO ANGLE, and somehow made the play.  It forced the Ravens to throw on 2nd down and Williams picked it off in the endzone, deflating the Ravens’ chances.


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