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Packers vs 49ers Postgame

One of two huge losses yesterday

Quote from my pregame post last week: In a perfect world, the Packers get out of Sunday’s game with a win, limited bumps and bruises, and a Browns win in Detroit.”  We live in an imperfect world.  At least the first one, and most important, of the three happened.  The loss of Harris and Kampman in huge, but it’s pretty clear which one is the bigger loss.  Losing Harris wrecks the game plan that has been working.  It will be interesting to see how Capers adjusts his scheme with one of two bookend cover guys gone.  Does he move Woodson back to corner?  It’s evident after yesterday that Jarrett Bush will not get the job done.  Kampman, on the other hand, is a replaceable spoke in the wheel at this point.  We didn’t notice his absence last week against the Cowboys, but he is still a Pro Bowler, and the Packers D will miss his presence.  Let’s see how my Keys to the Game panned out.

1) Contain Davis and Gore.  Besides the long run, the first half was great and they gave up 3 points.  The second half, not so much.  Davis gashed the Packers down the seam and they accounted for two of the three 49ers touchdowns.  Hit this one on the head.

Grant with a big day on the ground

2) Run against one of the best in the NFL.  Definitely a huge part of the win.  I’m liking their confidence in the running game right now.  Grant had 21 for 129 for a 6.1 average and broke tackles.  He’s really starting to look like his first year.  Hammered this one on the head.

3) Get to Alex Smith.  3 sacks, 9 QB hits and 1 interception.  Not bad.  Smith looked pretty solid in the second half, but he made some critical errors as well.  The pick to Collins turned out to be a monster play.

4) Rodgers’ poise against his hometown team. 32-45 for 344 and 2 TD.  He looked very calm and confident out there yesterday.  The solid performance Packers fans have come to expect.  

Some other observations:

1) The Packers had six different guys with at least 3 catches.  As Harry Sydney would say, that’s “undefendable.”  13 catches between Jermichael Finley and Brandon Jackson is a great sign.

2) Special Teams had another critical error yesterday, again on KO coverage.  It’s getting old.

A punt? The play of the game? YES!

3) People need to lay off Jeremy Kapinos.  43.4 average with two of his three punts inside the 20.  Besides a couple of low punts every once in a while, he’s doing his job.  You’re not finding anything better on the street anyways.

4) The 49ers had 43 offensive plays.  The Packers threw 45 passes.  

5) Play of the game- It’s really the decision by Mike McCarthy to punt from the 38 in the 4th quarter instead of trying a long field goal or going for it on 4th and 12.  Kapinos’ punt was downed at the 1, next play was the Collins pick.  The eventual Grant TD made it 30-10.  

Short turnaround for the Packers this week, who, for the record, now control their own destiny for the playoffs.


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