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Packers vs 49ers Preview

The guy has his own language

In honor of the Packers-49ers game this weekend, I was going to write this blog entry as if Harry Sydney was saying it.  Unfortunately, when I tried to use spell check, my computer blew up.  If you live in the Green Bay area, you understand why.

As a Packer fan, you should love our chances Sunday.  In looking over the 49ers, there are three points of concern, but there are areas of weakness the Packers should be able to attack.  This is a key game going into a short week.  In a perfect world, the Packers get out of Sunday’s game with a win, limited bumps and bruises, and a Browns win in Detroit.  Having 4,000 fans at Ford Field on national television Thursday should finally convince the NFL to do away with the Lions on Thanksgiving.

Some stats, courtesy of…

1) The Packers have won 6 straight and 11 of 12 against SF

2) The 49ers have lost 4 of 5, and if Jay Cutler wasn’t colorblind, it would be 5 in a row.

3) Green Bay leads the NFL with a +13 turnover ratio.  In 2005, the year before McCarthy took over, the Packers were -24.

4) The 49ers rank 3rd in the NFL in rushing defense, the Packers rank 4th.

Keys to the Game- (besides the obvious- offensive line)

Gore had the only offensive TD against the Bears

1) Concerns 1 and 2- The 49ers have two weapons offensively; Vernon Davis and Frank Gore.  Contain both and there’s no way the 49ers score an offensive touchdown.  The 49ers have 18 offensive touchdowns.  Davis and Gore have 14 of those.  Davis has turned into a stud in his 3rd year with 45 catches and 7 TDs.  I would assume the Packers will lock Woodson up on Davis.  Gore is a home-run threat, something the Packers do not have.  He is averaging 5.2 yds per carry with 6 TDs.  He also is a threat in the passing game with 26 catches.  In the last six games, the Packers are only allowing 75.3 yds rushing per game, so it’s a battle the Packers can win.

2) Concern 3- As stated earlier, the 49ers rush defense is 3rd in the league.  If we want to be a playoff team, the Packers have to find ways to pick up yards on the ground against solid defenses.  Last week was a great example of what the Packers are capable of.  Downhill, between the tackles, 4 yds a pop.    Nothing flashy, nothing explosive, but effective. 

3) Get to Alex Smith.  The 49ers have allowed 28 sacks this season.  If we can take care of Gore, we should see a repeat of the Cowboys game; lots of pressure.

Remember Aaron, never pee against the wind

4) Rodgers needs to control his emotions.  The 49ers, Rodgers’ favorite team, caused him a great deal of pain on draft day and he can’t turn this into a pissing contest between him and Alex Smith.  In those types of situations, the wind usually changes and you end up pissing all over yourself.

Prediction- Green Bay 23, San Francisco 10


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