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Playoff Update

What a difference a week makes.  Last week at this time, there was no hope for most Packer fans.  Now, they’re breaking down the next few weeks to see where the Packers could be standing in the wildcard race.  Let me say this:  If the Packers win the five games they’re supposed to, in that they will probably be favored in every game except Pittsburgh and Arizona, that would put them at 10 wins.  Here’s the current rundown of teams and toss-up games  (one of the East teams will win their division.)

NFC East- Dallas 6-3 (@ NYG, SD, @NO, PHI) Projection 11-5

              NYG 5-4 (ATL, @DEN, DAL, PHI, CAR, @MINN) Projection 8-8

              PHI 5-4 (@CHI, @ATL, @NYG, SF, @DAL) Projection 9-7

NFC North- GB 5-4 (SF, BAL, @CHI, @PITT, @AZ) Projection 10-6 

               Chicago 4-5 (PHI, @MINN, GB, @BAL, MINN) Projection 6-10

NFC South- Atlanta 5-4 (@NYG, PHI, NO) Projection 11-5

                Carolina 4-5 (@NE, MINN, @NYG, NO) Projection 8-8

NFC West-   SF 4-5 (@GB, JACK, @SEA, AZ, @PHI) Projection 8-8

This means 7 teams are vying for two spots.  Chicago sucks and they have to play the Vikings twice, so I’ll take them out.  Down to 6.  The Giants schedule is BRUTAL, so I’ll take them out.  Down to 5.  Right now I have Atlanta @ Dallas and Green Bay @ Arizona in the first round.


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