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Packers vs Vikings Preview

I have a real problem with all of the people selling their Packers tickets for Sunday’s game.  I didn’t even think about it for a second.  Why wouldn’t you want to be at Lambeau Sunday?  Even without the return of Brett Favre, this is a huge game in the NFC North.  I don’t care if you need the money for your booze habit, you go.  Need the money for health care?  Rub some dirt on it..and go to the game.  It’s going to be a classic.  The Packers don’t introduce anyone on the visiting team anymore, so Favre’s name will never be announced.  If he was, I would boo.  He’s on the Vikings.  I hate the Vikings. 


Good thing those commercials are 2-hand touch

Before we get to the keys to the game, how about the two attempted tackles by Favre last week after his fumble and pick in Pittsburgh.  A complete embarrassment to anyone who has ever played the game.  Wrangler should pull their endorsement deal with Favre, because chicks don’t wear Wranglers.  No one should ever rip on a kicker or punter ever again before mentioning Brett Favre. 

One more rant…the offensive playcalling for the Vikings is going to come back to haunt them.  There must be some deal in place with Favre and Childress.  Every time the Vikings are inside the 5, they throw the ball.  Unreal.  You have the best back in the game, and all they can think of is padding the old man’s stats.  Keep it up Chilly.

If you are thinking part two will be anything like part one, think again.  Also think about this if you’re a Vikings fan.  In the first game, your QB played out of his mind, your defense had 8 sacks, forced 2 turnovers, Green Bay had 7 penalties, and you won by 7.  That’s it.  Seven.  For all of the hype with Minnesota’s defense, it is the Packers defense that is currently 3rd in the NFL.  Don’t talk about Detroit and Cleveland.  The Vikings have already played both of them as well.  Be prepared for a defensive clinic…by the Packers.

Jim Biever/

Lambeau Leap for Woodson?

Keys to the game

1) Packers defensive domination continues.  What a difference three weeks makes.  Capers has the D running on all cylinders.  I would take the Packers D-Line over the Vikings.  We have one of the top set of LB’s in the league and I’m predicting 2 sacks from our defensive backs.  The Packers defense will also be doing a Lambeau Leap.

2) Control Adrian Peterson without being conservative.  Let the aggressive scheme contain Peterson.  Granted, they did a hell of a job on AP the first time, but they sat back to cover the gaps, letting Favre have all the time in the world when they did throw the ball.

Jim Biever/

More of the same in November for Rodgers

3) Rodgers stays hot.  Hey, he was the NFL’s Offensive Player of the month.  Enough said.

4) Control 1st down.  Five of the eight sacks in the first game were on 1st down.  Either by running the ball or utilizing the short passing game, the Packers need to pick up 4-7 yards on 1st down.  Amazingly, Green Bay was 7-13 on 3rd down the first time, but you can’t let Jared Allen pin his ears back on 3rd and long.    

5) The energy in Lambeau will be too much for the Vikings to overcome.  For those who believe in karma, this isn’t karma.  Favre having to come to Lambeau for the NFC Championship game in -15 degree weather is karma.  Would you sell those tickets too?

Prediction- Green Bay 27, Minnesota 13

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  1. I would not call AJ Hawk and Nick “cannot get off a block” Barnett as top linebackers. On the other hand, I hope Farve gets what is coming to him. The Pack will roll and Brett will slip out the back without giving a post game conference because if it is not about him then he does not give a shit. Remember the hail mary in Philly and the nice 6 int in St Louis.

    Comment by Bryan Howell | October 31, 2009 | Reply

    • Wow, you were so accurate with your little prediction there

      Comment by Anonymous | November 3, 2009 | Reply

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