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Packers-Browns Postgame


Was Derek Anderson driving this train?

In my preview last week, I wrote that the Browns’ offense sucked.  I’d like to publically apologize to all things that suck, because the Browns’ offense is way past sucking.  They are a complete train wreck.  We need to invent a new word to describe the Browns’ offense.  On a related note, what did Brady Quinn do to Eric Mangini?  It must have been something perverse to not even get a chance over the last few weeks, but this isn’t a Browns’ blog, so let’s get on to the Packers.

Jim Biever/

Packers fans have been waiting for this!

1) The Ahman Green signing has already paid dividends.   Ryan Grant looked like a different back Sunday.  Granted, it was against one of the worst run defenses in the NFL, but he was explosive and running downhill.  Nothing like a little competition to get someone going.  The real test will be Sunday, but 41 team carries for 202 yards is a great boost!


155.4 rating and 23 yards on the ground

2) 155.4- Aaron Rodgers’ QB rating on Sunday.  It was perfect in the first half.  It doesn’t matter who it’s against.  Yikes!  Another great sign is 8 targets for Greg Jennings.  He still hasn’t had a break-out game, but I think he’s getting closer.  Thankfully, Jermichael Finley only has a knee sprain.

3) 36.4- Derek Anderson’s QB rating.  Don’t forget this guy has went to a Pro Bowl.  The defense continues to get the big turnover and in successive weeks, has turned away teams inside the 10.  This may not seem like a big deal, but it builds confidence for moments when we will need a red zone stop to win a game.

4) Two teams the Packers should have blown out.  Two blowouts.  Outscored Detroit and Cleveland 57-3.  Outgained the two 895-388.  Do it again Sunday!

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