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Congrats to Double D!

Congrats to Double D!

I’ve never heard so much complaining over a 26-0 win.  My goodness.  I understand perfection is the goal (which btw, would be 59-0 as we found out in the Patriots/Titans game), but a win in the NFL is still a win in the NFL.  You only get 16 chances, which means all that matters is winning.   That being said, let’s breakdown the keys from my preview and some other observations.

1. Run the ball with authority.  This didn’t happen until the last couple of drives.  30 rushes is great, 107 yards is not.  Facing a depleted Lions DL should have helped our running game.  Running the ball is also difficult when Ryan Grant has broken two tackles in five games.  Our offense is obviously a “pass to set up the run offense.”

2.  Contain Kevin Smith.  Held Smith to 61 total yards and made the QBs beat you.  QB’s were 11-25 with 3 ints and a rating of 16.7  Great job by the Packer defense.


Gotta love the corner blitz

Gotta love the corner blitz

3.  Use the blitz package. 

We unnerved the Detroit offense with pressure, and although we didn’t get there every time, we ended up with 5 sacks, 3.5 of which were by LBs and CBs.  Great sign!

4.  Dominate in all three aspects.  a KO return called back, a PR that should have went to the house, solid defense and a nice passing game.  I would say the Packers controlled all three phases.

Prediction was 37-13.  I picked them to win by 24, they won by 26.  Not bad.

Other observations…

1- We’re getting to the point where there is a complete lack of discipline when it comes to playing a clean game.  There is no sustained focus on the football field.  False starts and after the play personal fouls are inexcusable.  

Defensive Player of the Game

Defensive Player of the Game

2- Everyone loves to rip Ted.  Well, where’s the love when he moved up to get someone he wanted in the 1st round on draft day?  That someone?  Clay Matthews.  WOW.

3- Five trips to the red zone, one touchdown.  This stat will kill us in the second half of the season.  Middle of the field was open all day, needed to take advantage of it in the RZ.

3- Clifton will be better next week.  Watching games yesterday when I got back from Lambeau, I noticed every tackle in the same position as Clifton.  No flags.  NFL officials are starting to get the same reputation as NBA officials; clueless, inconsistent, and awful.

4- Can we get a hand signal in our hurry-up offense so we don’t have to spike the ball?  Something that’s signals a play out of the formation you were just in.  Is that too hard to install on Wednesday?  I hate watching us give up a play inside the 10 yard line.  You’re all at the line to spike it, RUN A PLAY!

The Ladies' Man, Jerome Bogar

On a side note- Bill Simmons wrote two weeks ago about referee Jerome Boger, AKA, The Ladies Man.  Well, the Packers had him yesterday, and he didn’t disappoint.  That voice is dead on!
The Ladies' Man, Jerome Boger

The Ladies' Man, Jerome Boger


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