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Packers links for Week 6

rodgersOur Packers-Lions preview will be out tomorrow.  In the meantime, I found some stories on the Packers this week.  Below are a few links for you to look over…




– Post on the lack of YAC for Packers receivers.  First of all, 5th is good, but there’s no mention of where we rank in drops.  Catch the damn ball and your YAC will go up.

– Article on Tauscher’s initial calendar of return.  I would have to assume that the rust Tauscher is showing would be equivalent to watching any of our other lineman after their two months of practice.  Tauscher off the couch and off the Cheetos is still better then Lang or Colledge.

– Looking to see if you agree with me on the uselessness of this story in the GB Press-Gazette.  What’s the point of the article??  Come on Pete, give us something!


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