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Bye Week Thoughts…

matthewsAlright, time to relax.  Everything will be ok.  Chicago is 3-1, Cincy is 3-1, Minnesota is 4-0.  We haven’t lost to the bottom feeders, and we have two coming up after the bye week.  Sitting at 4-2 with the Vikings coming to town looks pretty good at this point.  Obviously, there are some items that need to be addressed if the Packers want to be playing in January.  A couple of issues during the bye week…

1- Tauscher is a better option with one working leg then anyone else on the roster.

2- The line play is affecting Rodgers’ timing and pocket presence.  You noticed Monday night how jumpy he is, knowing he only has 0.8 seconds to get rid of the ball.  That’s two out of the last three weeks.   Needs to get fixed NOW. 

3- Dom Capers needs to let loose.  We are constantly told we have two of the best cover corners in the league.  Send 5-6 every down, cover the gaps, and let our guys fly around a little.   We need to pressure the quarterback. 

4- Clay Matthews is a stud.

5- Greg Jennings is not at this point.  Plus he’s killing me fantasy wise.

6- Johnny Jolly is having a Pro Bowl season.

7- Jermichael Finley needs 10 targets a game.

Prediction for the next four weeks- Coaching staff watches the same video we’ve been watching, decides to get aggressive, blows out Detroit and Cleveland and beats the Vikings on November 1 to go 5-2.


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